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ARLsmall.jpg Arlington - In Eternal Vigil
Arlington: In Eternal Vigil is a treasury of rich untold stories that span the whole sweep of America's history including stories of men and women whose courage, commitment, and spirit have uniquely defined America and our people generation after generation.
TSISV.jpg They Serve In Silent Vigil
This is the inspirational story of the families behind our nation’s military who assume the same commitment – the same sense of loyalty, not serving on the frontlines, but serving in silent vigil – every hour of every day. This program celebrates ordinary American families - men, women and children – who bravely stand alone and face that moment when they must wave goodbye to a new husband or wife, a son or a daughter, a young father or mother as they leave home for an uncertain future and join America’s frontline warriors a half a world away.
MEDsmall.jpg The Medal - Celebrating Our Nation's Highest Honor
This is the inspirational story of a group of ordinary men who accomplished extraordinary things in service to our country. Featuring original interviews with Medal of Honor recipients, high ranking military and governmental leaders and relevant historians. This film tied with HBO's "John Adams" for MovieGuide's Documentary of the Year.
ANRsmall.jpg A Nation Remembers - The Story of the Pentagon Memorial
The official documentary of the Pentagon Memorial, hosted by Gary Sinise, featuring interviews with surviving family members and high ranking American leaders such as President Bush, Vice President Cheney, General Richard Myers, and Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.
APS-Boxes-ALL4DVDs-REVISED.jpg Patriot Series Collection
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Order all 4 DVDs of the American Patriot Series and Save. This set includes the newest documentary, "They Serve In Silent Vigil" - The Heroic Stories of the Families Behind America's Frontline Warriors along with "The Medal - Celebrating Our Nation's Highest Honor", "Arlington - In Eternal Vigil" and "A Nation Remembers" - The Story of the Pentagon Memorial.
TFATF.jpg The Future According to Ford
This is the story of a remarkable American company on a mission to help build the future it sees possible – to offer hope where there is today only fear – to offer solutions in a world too often focused only on the challenges which loom on the horizon. Today, the goal – the mission – the worldwide pursuit of Ford Motor Company is to help usher in a better world using technology, innovation and hard work to make certain our best days are still to come.
RTWOTW1.jpg Reinventing the Wheels of the World
In 2011, Chapter II of the New American Road Series, “Reinventing the Wheels of the World,” presented a new Ford Motor Company, emerging from the “turnaround” phase and beginning to see the fruits of its effort to redefine itself for the 21st Century.
NARsmall.jpg The New American Road
In 2010, "The New American Road” launched amidst “the perfect storm” in the automobile industry and told the story of how one American automobile company was facing the winds of that storm head-on by using it as an opportunity to reinvent every aspect of how it does business.
NARSeries.jpg The New American Road Series
This package will contain all three episodes of the New American Road Series including, "The New American Road," "Reinventing the Wheels of the World," and the latest episode entitled, "The Future According to Ford." Together "The New American Road Series" tells a remarkable story of an American company that seized the opportunity amidst the great recession to reinvent its business and its products for the 21st century. Today, Ford Motor Company has a view of the future that defies popular wisdom. It's a company on a mission to invent that very future through technology, innovation and hard work.